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VAT Registration

VAT Registration Services in UK

Navigate the complexities of VAT registration in the UK effortlessly with our dedicated services. Our experienced team ensures a smooth process from start to finish, handling documentation, submission, and compliance with HMRC regulations. With a focus on efficiency, we streamline the entire VAT registration process, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Trust us to expertly guide your business through this essential requirement, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations with confidence. Partner with us for a hassle-free VAT registration experience tailored to your business needs.

VAT Registration Online In UK

Our expert team will initial your VAT registration process
with HMRC. Our team will supervise complete process
from start till getting VAT registration certificate. If you are
sole trader, Ltd Company or any other legal entity selling
goods and services in the UK, and your turnover
exceeds specific threshhold determined by HMRC, you are
required to register for VAT as per UK Companies Act 2006
and tax rules issued by HMRC.

HMRC VAT registration processes involve:

  • Register for VAT
  • Charge VAT on the invoices issued to the customers
  • Declare the VAT to the HMRC through quarterly VAT filing

VAT Registration Services in UK


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Excise Tax

Corporate Tax

Whether you own a small, medium, or established large
business, you need to get registered for VAT in UK under
the Companies Act 2006 and HMRC tax rules. Registering your business under the
UK VAT denotes that your business is recognized by
the Government. VAT registration in UK for your business
entity will depend on the income generated from your
business. Arcadian Outsourcing Ltd is one of the leading
consultancies in UK, which offers outstanding VAT registration
services, VAT return preparation and VAT return filing.

Frequently Asked Questions on VAT Registration in UK

Non-UK residents without a place of residence in the country are generally not required to register for VAT, unless they conduct taxable business activities in the UK that exceed the mandatory registration threshold

Businesses must inform the tax authority within 30 days of exceeding the VAT registration threshold or becoming aware that they will exceed it soon, triggering the obligation to register for VAT in a timely manner.

Typically, a person or entity is assigned only one Tax Registration Number (TRN) for tax identification purposes. However, specific circumstances or jurisdictions may allow for multiple registrations under different tax categories or business activities.

Certain companies in the UK may qualify for tax registration exemptions based on their annual turnover. Small businesses earning below the VAT registration threshold are exempt, but it’s essential to monitor turnover as thresholds can change. However, specific circumstances and types of transactions may affect eligibility, so seeking professional advice is recommended.

In the UK, the registration threshold for VAT is primarily based on taxable turnover and does not include the value of capital assets. Businesses should monitor their taxable sales to determine if they exceed the threshold, which may require VAT registration, regardless of the value of capital assets.

Applications for tax group registration may be refused if the entities involved are not closely related or do not meet the specified criteria for forming a tax group, as per the tax authority’s guidelines and regulations. Meeting the eligibility requirements is crucial for a successful tax group registration application.

The sale of a business asset or an entire business to a third party is generally considered a taxable supply, subject to value-added tax (VAT) in many jurisdictions. The specific VAT treatment may vary, and it’s advisable to consult local tax regulations or seek professional advice for accurate information on tax implications for such transactions.

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