Filing of Ltd Co


This service is ideal for contractors, consultants or professionals who
don't want to spend their time completing complicated forms! When
you appoint Duport to manage your company filing you can rest
assured that the company is in good hands. It's a criminal offense
not to file your annual Confirmation Statement and Company
Accounts and can result in directors prosecutions. Additionally,
filing your company accounts late will result in fines.

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Learn to use Sales Tax Web File

  • Filing a no-tax-due return (watch demo)
  • Claiming credit on your return (watch demo)
  • Reporting on local jurisdictions and uploading information
  • Reporting credit and debit card deposits
  • Demo: Filing one or more schedules
  • Demo: Filing for fuel-tax filers

Learn about paying with Web File

You can pay directly from your bank account when you Web File your sales tax return, or make payments in advance of filing. Both options conveniently save your bank account information for future use.

If you pay when you Web File, you can still schedule the payment in advance—as long as you’re filing before the due date.

To help you remit the correct amount, organize your sales data with our Sales Tax Web File worksheets.

Find other resources

Looking for sales tax guidance? See Sales tax home. You’ll find resources for learning about sales tax and vendor obligations. If you’re a new sales tax vendor, you can learn the basics with our Welcome, new vendor resources.

Looking for a paper form? See Sales tax forms (current periods)—but you’re probably required to Web File if you’re viewing this page on your computer.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask us a question.

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